Internal database and editing tool for a film production house

Triton is an in-house tool, built on the basis of the client's existing in-house tool but revamped from scratch to better fit their needs. It was a large and complex project, which unfortunately I didn't see the end of as the client wasn't able to commission the next stage of the design project. However, the first stages were very important for establishing the fundamentals of the software.

As the software served multiple purposes, such as large scale data storage and archiving, asset editing, and asset distribution to external parties, it required close collaboration with the client's in-house developers to ensure that our product design matched their back-end dev capabilities.

The above show the main Library structure. We used an accordion structure to compact the data, while giving the user the option to expand and view more underlaying layer without having to navigate to a different screen. This way, if an employee is, for example, looking for a specific episode of a specific show to deliver to an external party, they can navigate all episodes while staying on the same page. They can then select the item(s) they want by checking the box, and this will add the item(s) to their order. They can view or hide their Order panel, which slides in/out on the right hand side of the screen.

The Library view gives the user a clear overview of the data they're looking at, both by sticking to a logical structure of property (show title) - season(s) - episode(s) - assets grouped into Masters/Documents/Images/Additional Video/Additional Audio.

As this is an internal product, I cannot share too many details on here. But I'm happy to walk you through my UX process and choices if you have any questions.

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