Century Novelty

An online novelty store with thousands of products

Century Novelty (CN) is a Toronto-based online store selling novelty products across a myriad of categories. I restructured the Information Architecture (IA) to ensure customers are easily able to find what they're looking for. I then focussed on simplifying the user journey from entering the website until shipping confirmation.

Luckily, CN was already tracking user data which I used to determine current user behaviour in relation to using the nav options. I made an inventory of the existing categories and used card sorting to gather data on user preferences. I then merged overlapping categories and renamed some to simplify the IA based on the user input. I tested the new IA and used the feedback to make some final tweaks. After the new site went live, we used analytics and Hotjar to track data and observe how users navigated the new website, and it matched our expectations.

I also redesigned the layout and structure of the rest of the website, from Homepage to Product pages to Checkout, with a focus of the mobile experience as their existing website was not optimised for smartphones, yet a large part of their users browsed and even ordered on a mobile device.

The Visual Designer on our team determined the new branding for the website, and I incorporated some of those elements in the mid-fi wireframes. Including round shapes and bright colours, with yellow being the main brand colour.

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